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comin outta lockdown

'Comin Outta Lockdown' is Ascoti's first single release (July 2020).

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It's about breaking the shackles of the corona virus lockdown and reconnecting with the ones you love. Ascoti has a son who lives in Scotland and he has only been able to connect with him through video chat for 4 months - they both need a hug, and thus, start the party of the century.


It makes the perfect night out song for parties after lockdown. It captures the spirit of the excitement and happiness that we will all feel when we first step out of the house to go into town and rekindle our social connections so essential to humanity.

In true lockdown form, the song has been sung by a singer Ascoti has never met, just connected with online.

"Anne Marie from Denmark did a truly brilliant job of capturing the spirit of the song; she has the perfect voice for it, check it out!" - Ascoti (Andrew Scott).