about ascoti

Ascoti is a writer, composer and producer from Yorkshire, UK.


At the age of 8 Ascoti (Andrew Scott) was given the violin to play at school, as he had excelled in the musical ear test and was deemed worthy of musical tuition. It very quickly transpired that he wanted to play the saxophone and so gave up the violin. As there wasn’t a saxophone opportunity in the area and his mum couldn’t afford the instrument, let alone the private tuition, that was where the formal musical training of Ascoti ended. 


Ascoti then proceeded to teach himself the guitar, helped on occasions by his woodwork teacher at Egglescliffe school near Yarm in Teesside. He quickly moved onto the piano, assisted enormously by his grandfather, George ‘poppsie’, who was an avid organ player and enthusiast. As it transpired, Ascoti was dyslexic and learning to read music was hampered significantly by his unnerving ability to play anything by ear.


It wasn’t until he recently invested in industry standard audio workstation software that he was able to fully exploit his gift as a musical creator.


Ascoti composes from improvisation. When you listen to his tracks you can hear him having fun on the keyboard. This comes through the music, allowing you to share the fun he has as a listener. When he sits down to record a piece, he has absolutely no idea what he is going to play. After he has recorded it, he has absolutely no idea how to play it again. Hence, it wasn’t until he started to use software that he was able to put it into a listenable format.


His first single release, ‘Comin Outta Lockdown’, is a marriage of several improvised keyboard jams that he recorded solely to play on the car journey with ‘the lads’ to Butlins Ibiza Legends weekend in January 2020, with lyrics reflecting the grave loss of all social occasions during lockdown. With vocals by the very talented Anne Marie, from Denmark, someone Andrew has not yet met, due to lockdown. This single could easily become the anthem for celebration, as we gradually return to a happier normality after lockdown.